Check out Fact Check Assistant’s Video Tutorials

Want to better understand how to use Fact Check Assistant, then we are glad to invite you to check out the YouTube video tutorials made specifically for new users.

The tutorial is made up of seven videos that introduces the viewer to the app. The tutorial starts with a short introduction of the The Fact Check Assistant, where the apps purpose and background are briefly explained. After that the series break down the app into short videos that explains how to create an account, publish and review news-claims, media platforms and sources. The viewer even gets a quick introduction to the many online verification-tools that exists within the app.

FCA Video Tutorials
Youtube video tutorials are meant to help you get started in using the tool

Completion of the tutorial only takes about half an hour, and in the end the viewer will know enough to start using and enjoying the app. Earlier experience with news-verification is a plus but absolutely not needed when using The Fact Check Assistant. The reason for this is that the sole purpose of the app is to help its users streamline their verification procedures by combining systematical thinking with neat online tools and the strength of a community.

The Fact Check Assistant is created by Professor Gunnar Nygren, Walid Al-Saqaf and Urban Larssen, at the University of Södertörn in collaboration with journalists from Swedish television (SVT), Swedish Radio (SR) and Dagens Nyheter (DN). The video tutorial is created by students at The University of Södertörn on behalf of the FCA-team.