Faktaassistenten to be used to build a blockchain-based fact checking registry

Södertörn University and Lapidus Interactive’s project “Ursprungsmärkt journalistik” (Provenance Journalism) has recently won a grant by Vinnova under its Blockchain and Identity theme. The SEK 1.8 million grant will support the creation of a prototype for a blockchain-based registry of fact checks produced by journalists from around the world.

The project, which will continue until December 2020, uses Faktaassistenten as one of the instruments to facilitate the creation of fact checks since it helps streamline the verification process. Those entries are meant to support journalists in ensuring provenance of information and avoid falling trap to possible dis/misinformation.

Södertörn University’s project leader Malin Picha Edwardsson along with Faktaassistenten’s main developer Walid Al-Saqaf have recently published a chapter in a Routledge book on blockchain and web 3.0. The chapter focused on blockchain in journalism and argued that the technology has potential in supporting journalism under certain conditions.