2019 Truth and Trust Online Conference

On behalf of the Fact Check Assistant team, Walid Al-Saqaf attended the 2019 Truth and Trust Online Conference in October 5, which was held in London. At the conference, he presented a poster about the the blockchain-based project “Origin-labeled journalism”. According to the organizers, the purpose of the conference was to organize a unique collaboration … Read more

Faktaassistenten to be used to build a blockchain-based fact checking registry

Södertörn University and Lapidus Interactive’s project “Ursprungsmärkt journalistik” (Provenance Journalism) has recently won a grant by Vinnova under its Blockchain and Identity theme. The SEK 1.8 million grant will support the creation of a prototype for a blockchain-based registry of fact checks produced by journalists from around the world. The project, which will continue until … Read more

Check out Fact Check Assistant’s Video Tutorials

Want to better understand how to use Fact Check Assistant, then we are glad to invite you to check out the YouTube video tutorials made specifically for new users. The tutorial is made up of seven videos that introduces the viewer to the app. The tutorial starts with a short introduction of the The Fact … Read more

FCA to be showcased at Global Fact 6

The Fact Check Assistant project (Faktaassistenten) will be presented at a workshop on Friday June 21 entitled “A blockchain-based solution for a global fact-check registry” at the upcoming Global Fact 6 event to be held in Cape Town, South Africa during 19-21 June 2019. Representing the project is the main developer and Södertörn University scholar … Read more